It’s what’s inside that counts.

Crystl Candles

Crystal Candles by Crystl come in two sizes. Our medium sized crystal infused candle is 285g and has a burn time of 50+ hours. We have also created an eternal crystal infused candle which is larger, 400g and has a burn time of 65+ hours.

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Crystal Candles by Crystl

There’s just something about candles.
Maybe it’s the flickering flame, the romantic glow that softly radiates, or the subtle scent that fills the surrounding space.


Perhaps it’s the emotional response as you witness your candle – switching off, unwinding and softening as you reconnect with your inner nature, your true self and come into your happy place.

We have created Crystl candles to combine the healing properties of crystals with that warm and fuzzy feeling lighting a beautifully scented candle brings. Our crystal candles are hand made with love and the finest ingredients, resulting in a truly unique creation to make you feel happy, uplifted, peaceful and loved. To make you smile with your heart and your face. Our candles are hand crafted and hand poured, because you are worth it.

It is an honour to produce these candles for you to enjoy.

Our Crystals

It’s what’s inside that counts.

We do not order our crystals in bulk. Rather, each crystal is hand selected by Zoe or Dave. Crystals are cleansed and energised under the light of the full moon and charged with healing energy and positive intentions specific to their crystal properties. Finally, they are lovingly embedded in your crystl candle for you to enjoy and keep.

Wax, Wicks & Fragrance

We choose to use a natural soy wax. Our wax is made from 100% natural, ethically sourced, plant-based products. Wax is produced using no genetically modified materials and is biodegradable. It does not contain palm oil or paraffin which can create toxic fumes when burned. Crystl candles are clean burning. We use pure cotton wicks free from lead and zinc… You can’t get much more natural than that.

Wax, Wicks & Fragrance

Our high quality fragrance oils are produced here in Australia using a blend of essential oils, natural and synthetic aromatic ingredients. All fragrances are phthalate and paraben free and are not tested on animals.

As much as we personally love the benefits of essential oils, unfortunately it is unsafe to use pure essential oils in candles due to the naked flame. Only fragrance oils specifically designed and tested for safe use in candles are used in our Crystal Candles by Crystl. 


In developing our products, we are conscious about the environmental impacts of our packaging. Our wax is biodegradable and our packaging boxes are recyclable.  Our candle jars are designed to be repurposed, giving them life long after their flame has stopped burning.


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Customer Reviews

Crystl Candles
Based on 7 reviews
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Jody Lawrence

I purchased the Energise Candle and I adore it! It has amazing natural fragrance with a long burn time. The candle is a great addition to my interior decor, and once it is finished you are left with beautiful Crystal’s!


Shelly Cox

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Crystl Candle! ❤️ Such a beautiful gift for anyone special in your life, and the design is so unique compared to other candles. I love that after I’ve finished burning the candle that I can keep the crystals as a keep sake also. Just beautiful!


Jenny Longrigg

Beautiful handmade candles! They smell divine both while they are burning but also just with lid off filling the room with deliciously soft yet not over-powering scent. The crystals are a lovely addition and knowing each one has been chosen especially for the candle, makes them even more special.


Crystl Candles

Crystl Candles
Based on 7 reviews
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