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Welcome to my creative studio a.k.a. my family kitchen. This is me, Zoe – Mother, Stepmum, Wife, Marketing Manager, Yoga Teacher and creator of Crystl Candles. Crystl brings together many of my passions – crystals, creating, marketing and helping others to feel good. My husband and I decided to start creating crystal candles after recognising there was nothing like it on the market. 
We checked out a few different high end candle ranges in shops but noticed that no one was making luxury crystal candles. There were some lovely rustic handmade creations at the local markets but we were looking for a higher quality more luxurious candle, a candle that could be given as a gift, something that showed a personal touch in its choosing. So, we decided to start making our own crystal candles
lady making crystal candles
Pouring wax into candle jar
lady smiling while making crystal candles
We chose to work with natural soy wax and made a decision to source our raw ingredients from Australian suppliers where possible. We did our research (and a lot of testing) and found a beautiful, creamy, 100% plant based, natural soy wax produced here in Australia. We would have loved to use essential oils in our candles but after experimentation and research we found that essential oils were very difficult to maintain a good scent throw and could be dangerous to use in candles due to the naked flame. We researched and found an Australian made fragrance company offering fragrant oils including blends of synthetic and essential oils which are safe to use in candles and maintain good scent quality. The fragrances we use are all phthalate and paraben free and are not tested on animals. Most importantly to us, they are manufactured here in Australia.
The final yet most important element was the crystals. It is the crystals in Crystl candles that make each candle unique. Our customers often choose their candle based on the healing properties of the crystals embedded in the top. Again, we found a local crystal supplier who we could purchase our crystals from.  We hand select each and every crystal we purchase. On the following full moon they are laid out on the earth overnight to be energetically cleansed and charged. Each candle we make is made with an attitude of love and positivity, and when the crystals are being embedded into the top of the candle, the intentions of that crystal are consciously embedded with it.
Crystl is a labour of love, and it is an honour to be able to create these crystal candles for you to keep and to share with the people you love. Crystl is proof that you can have a dream and a passion and make it a reality to share with the world. If you are reading this and you have a passion project you are wondering how to start, I encourage you to get out there and give it a go. You just never know where it will take you. But you know what? Sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s not about creating an empire, it’s about the journey and the magic that happens along the way.
I think it’s also important to mention that behind every business woman is a support team and Crystl wouldn’t be here today without my supportive, encouraging and hardworking partner in love, life and candles – my husband Dave. Thank you for making this dream a reality and for always supporting me and our small business.  
Thank you to our customers, stockists, family and friends for supporting our dream. We hope you enjoy giving, receiving and burning our candles as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. 
With love and blessings,

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