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Crystl Candles

 Fill your space with light, energy and uplifting aromas with our scented natural soy crystal infused candles.

All candles are created in frosted glass jars creating a lantern like glow, adding a soft ambience to the room as they burn.

Choose from two candle sizes:
Crystal Infused Scented Candle (50+hrs) $39.95
Eternal Crystal Infused Scented Candle (65+hrs) $49.95

Crystal infused scented candles (50+hrs)

Our soy candles are beautifully scented and each contain a hand selected crystal for you to keep. The frosted glass jar creates a warming glow as it burns. Your candle also includes our signature crystl timber lid to protect it when not in use. Each candle has a burn time of approx. 50hrs. Please visit our candle care page for further candle care instructions.

Crystal Infused Scented Candles

Browse the 4 different candles in this product range.


Scent – A beautiful blend of Caramelised Coconut and Vanilla Bean

Crystal – Ametrine
(Mental Balance – Cleansing – Creativity)

Intention – “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness. And through this awareness we can grow”


Scent – Uplifting Camellia and Lotus Blossom surrounded by lemon and musk

Crystal – Clear Quartz
(Healing – Energy – Clarity)

Intention – “I choose positive thoughts, words and actions and create an atmosphere of healing in my life”


Scent – A romantic sweet blend of Ylang ylang and Lavender

Crystal – Rose Quartz
(Unconditional love – Infinite peace.)

Intention – “You have great love within you. You have a bright, beautiful light shining through you. Bring that love and light to the world”


Scent – A bold and uplifting blend of Sweet Orange and Raspberry Cassis

Crystal – Aventurine
(Luck – Confidence – Prosperity)

Intention – “I am intelligent, capable and confident. I attract good luck in my life”

Eternal Crystal Infused Scented Candles

Our eternal soy wax candles provide approx. 65 hours of crystal infused, delicately scented goodness to your environment. Be mesmerised as a beautiful soft glow emits from the frosted glass jar. When you are not using your candle, place our signature Crystl lid on top to keep dust out and all the magic in. When your candle is finished burning you will have a special crystal to keep.  Eternal candles have a burn time of approx. 65 hours. Please visit our care page for further instructions on how to get the most from your candle.

Eternal Crystal Infused Scented Candles

Browse the 3 different candles in this product range.


Scent – An invigorating blend of Lemongrass, Pineapple and Coconut

Crystal – Clear Quartz
(Healing – Energy – Clarity)

Intention – “My mind and body are full of energy. I am ready to take on the day”

“Love and Positivity”

Scent – A subtle blend of Sandalwood, Orchid and Vanilla

Crystal – Rose Quartz
(Unconditional love – Infinite peace.)

Intention – “I happily give and receive love everyday. Love surrounds me”


Scent – A calming mystical blend of Agarwood, Cedar, Musk and Amber

Crystal – Amethyst
(Peace – Stability – Calm)

Intention “My world is a place of peace, harmony and calmness.”

Order Processing & Gifts

All of our candles are handmade with love and the crystals are embedded to order. Please allow up to two days processing time for your order. Your order will then be shipped on the following business day. If you require express shipping please contact us to arrange.

If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else please include your details in the billing details and the recipients in the delivery details. You can also leave a note to let us know that it is a gift and any special message you would like included.


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